Saturday, 18 August 2012

Knowing more about corporate social responsability

National Empowerment Foundation, established in July 2008, organization of this new public companies who are non-profit, responsible for guiding and implementing the Empowerment Program*, allows to improve the functioning of the institution, to strengthen and professionalize its staff.

NEF has been entrusted the mission to coordinate the various existing programs and agencies, in addition to the Empowerment Program for combating poverty and social exclusion, particularly through social development projects and economic development in impoverished areas. Concretely, reducing the unemployment rate among women by providing technical and financial support to women dismissed, unemployed and / or over the age of 40 who wish to join the workforce or start their own business; developing the employability of unemployed and job training, while providing answers to the lack of skilled labor faced by firms; encouraging entrepreneurship and support companies or sectors of activity in difficulty or whose economic and commercial potential is underutilized.

On 30th July, we had an interview with one of the manager and she pointed out the main problem they are faced with:“Because it's willingness and unwillingness. If some people don't want to get out of poverty, they just stay where they are. You can empower them; you can give them money, financial help... You can give them food, provide them with social housing, but if they want to stay where they are, they can just stay where they are. They can go back to being drug-addicts, they can go back to being alcoholics, you cannot do anything. This is the main problem we have to face, or people who work on the field have to face this problem.”

With regard to this problem, we would like to give some advice:
1. Everyone who don’t want to get out poverty must their own reason. Thus, first of all, the NEF should study intensively their reason, their situation and their opinion before assisting them.

2. Non only assistance financial, the beneficiaries should but also get helps mentally. More psychologists should devote to the field and talk to the beneficiaries regularly.
3. Instead of temporary or one-off assistance, the NEF should assist the beneficiaries to acquire skills, as the Chinese saying goes: give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Besides, the NEF should follow the track of their life courses until they are able to hoe their own row.
4. The beneficiaries should realize and take their responsibility of their family and the society. Although they have their own difficulties, they should understand that holding a positive prospect of their life and accepting the helps from the NEF is the correct choice, upgrade themselves and fight for get out of poverty.
5. The society, especially the relatives and the friends of the beneficiaries should render assistance and give support to them, to help them to build to confidence.

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